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Railroad Cities
And Towns

Madison, Indiana

North Vernon, Indiana

    The railroad has been such a part of North Vernon's history that the town celebrates each June with Railroad Days. The community gets together celebrate their railroad heritage. Although, at one time, six different railroad lines ran into North Vernon, only four remain.
    At one time, the B&O, Pennsylvania and New York Central each ran trains through downtown North Vernon.
    The Pennsy ran on the Madison & Indianapolis tracks, which was the first stretch of track to reach the town. To the northwest, Pennsy's tracks ran to Columbus and on to Indianapolis. To the southeast, they reached Madison and the Ohio River.
    The B&O ran through town on the former O&M. The B&O tracks ran west to Seymour and on to St. Louis. To the east, they connected to Cincinnati. The B&O also had a track which ran southwest to Jeffersonville.
    The New York Central (or Big 4) had one track that came into North Vernon from Greensburg, Indiana, entering town from the north. From North Vernon to Jeffersonville, the NYC used trackage rights over the B&O.
    In 1973, NYC abandoned the 23.7 miles from Greensburg to North Vernon. Three years later, in 1976, Conrail abandoned the 17 miles over former Pennsy track from Columbus to North Vernon. The remaining track between North Vernon and Madison was taken over by the City of Madison Port Authority to operate the Madison Railroad. In 1980, the B&O abandoned the 28.2 miles of track from North Vernon to Nabb.
    Today, the former B&O east-west track is operated by CSX Transportation.

Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, at one time was a stopping point on the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central.

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